Sunday, January 4, 2009

More info on burial at sea- Need volunteers to retrieve documents

Aparent EPA- environment Protection agency dictates that burial at sea has to be at least 3 Nautical miles from shore. It is supposed to be done from a boat or plain. a special form is supposed to be filed with the EPA regional office.
Regional office for HI is 75 Hawthorne str
San Francisco CA 94105
Allan Ota is the regional manager
Can one of our readers in San Francisco stop by this office and get a certified copy of the documents filed in 1995 for Ann Dunham and one for Madelyn Dunham?
Additionally there has to be a form filed with the local Registrar of Birth and Death in HI
Can one of our readers in HI stop by this office and get a certified copy?
Please e-mail me at, so I will know who will take charge on this project. Please put in the e-mail re burial at sea, so I will know what is it about

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