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The message left:
Street Address - 1603 RUCKER RD
City, State, Zip - ALPHARETTA GA 30004-1435
Probable Current Address - No
Telephone -
Telephone Accountholder -
Social Security - 579-02-xxxx
Age -
Date of Birth -
Deceased - No
Date Record Verified - Feb 08 - Aug 08

Ok I checked on the above address because I know the area and there is no 1603 Rucker Road shown on the tax appraiser web site HOWEVER there is an Islamic Center of North Fulton Inc. showing ownership of two properties on the same road at 1255 and 1265 Rucker Road as well as a man by the name of Hussain Mohammed Shahib and Shaiman Bano showing ownership of the properies located at 1380 1410 and 1420 Rucker Road now I will drive up to the 1603 address sometime tomorrow and see if it exists or not but this is a strange coincidence yes?”

Reader comments:
>>>>Tom says:Today, 9:28:25 AM CST
“This SSN number was issued from the district of columbia in or around 1980??????

Kelly says:Today, 9:51:21 AM CST
“I don’t understand what this would mean... can someone elaborate?>>>>

YIKES! Obama is everywhere!!!

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The Barack Obama referenced at Alpharetta, GA as referenced in your blog entry: Hussain Mohammed Shahib and Shaiman Bano...those people don’t exist.

1. Hussain Mohammed Shahib..(I checked it as Hussain Shahib)
People found: 6 that match HUSSAIN SHAHIB NATIONWIDE.
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1 Hazare Shahib
Hazare M Shahib
Hazare Shaib
Brooklyn, NY
Anand Chris Shahib
Bibi Rakela Shahib
Nashaad A Shahib
Nayef Shahib
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2 Shahid Habiba
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5 Hasmat Shahib
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6 Habiba Shahib
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1. Shaiman Bano: Aliases associated with that name and locations:
Shaiman Bano
Shaiman B Bano
Shaiman Bano Bano
Shaiman E Bano
Shai Hussain
Shaima Hussain
Shaiman Hussain
Shaiman B Hussain
Shaiman Bano Hussain
Seatac, WA
Alpharetta, GA
Federal Way, WA
Tacoma, WA
San Jose, CA
Belmont, CA
South San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA

My theory is that ALL the BARACK OBAMA names are associated with fictitious people, all associated with Obama’s fraudulent dealings, places to funnel the money, vote, etc.

Lisa Ostella
Defend Our Freedoms Foundation
Peace through Strength


  1. Dear Dr Orly,

    In regards to the mysterious medallion,

    I searched the net and found this, which seems to be the anti thesis of the medallion, which is rather striking as this

    was a symbol of The 'kanaga' symbol was used on the first Mali flag, until it was abolished on 1 March, 1961. It is a black human-like image and was removed because of pressure from Muslims who do not approve of making images of the human shape.

    Željko Heimer, 6 April 1996

    It is said that the kanaga symbol was included in the Federation flag on initiative by Léopold Sédar Senghor, later president of Senegal (1960-1980).

    Željko Heimer, 19 November 2000

    Znamierowski shows the symbols with rounded edges while most other sources show the stright edged symbol, but with something as unregulated the 'kanaga' was, there is actually hard to talk about a right and wrong way of illustrating it.

    edited from Martin Grieve, Christopher Southworth and Ivan Sache, 12 October 2003

    The hands raised to the sky as a symbol of the joy of freedom are raised down on the medallion.
    the below is the cache of the page i got the kanaga symbol from.

    National flag

    "On 20 January 1961, four months after the official proclamation of the independence of the Republic of Mali on 22 September 1960, the Deputies adopted in a pleanry session of the National Assembly the law #61-26 prescribing the national flag of Mali. This flag shall be made of three equal vertical green, gold and red stripes.
    Initially, the flag of Mali as described in paragraph 5 of article 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Mali, adopted on 22 September 1960, was made of three equal vertical green, gold and red stripes; the golden stripe was charged by the black ideogram of the Man with the arms raised to the sky. That first version of the national flag, embedded in the emotion caused by the proclamation of the national independence, was immediatly adopted by people.
    The law of 20 January 1961 prescribes the definitive version of the national flag of Mali. It is made of three green, gold and red stripes. The green colour of the first stripe means the hope, the greenery of the pastures and fields in Mali, the richness of its soil and of everything the soil can produce for the wellfare of the Malian populations. Green also recalls the main agripastoral vocation of the country for development, modernization and integration for which no effort will be spared.

    the new revised flag is here,

    also the same stick man was used in this flag of french sudan
    which is on the same page as the below cached link

    The flag of autonomous Sudanese Republic (French Sudan) from 24 November 1958 to 4 April 1959 was the french tricolour with black kanaga. The proposal for including Kanaga was made by L. Sedar Senghor

    edited from Mikhail Revnivtsev and Jaume Oll&eacure;, 10 February 2005 .
    As you can see obma's medalion seems to be the antithesis of these images on these flags.The hands are down to hell not up to the heavens .

    Ofcourse this is not conclusive but the images likenesess are striking.

    There is also mention elsewhere of the sign of the swastika used by the hindu bengals looking like a stick figure man , i tried to find an image of that but i couldnt.
    But i do not think that figure would be as similar anyway.

    Heres the wiki mention of it
    The swastika is common as a design motif in current Hindu architecture and Indian ... This symbol looks something like a stick figure of a human being. ..... in the swastika, the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, ...


  2. the kanaga symbol in obamas medallion is a reversal of all the kanaga symbolises and stands for.

    it is the
    symbol of man, axis of the world, pointing to both earth and sky.
    obamas points only to the earth.

    Dogon Kanaga mask

    In Dogon territory, the period between the death of a man and the end of the mourning ceremonies which close the funeral cycle is quite a
    long one. If the deceased had held an important social or religious position, or had attended the Sigui sixtieth birthday ceremonies either in his
    own village or in a neighboring region, then after the 'first funeral' the family will accumulate goods that can be exchanged to enable them to
    organize a dance. This ritual preparation period for the 'departure of the deceased man's soul' is considered dangerous for the deceased's
    own family and, by extension, the whole village. Numerous taboos are therefore enforced on them, while the homeless soul roams through the
    village, haunting the various places he once frequented.



    The signinficance of this really gives me the creeps , it seems kind of occultic if you ask me, and a strange symbol for a child to be wearing, especially seeing as it seems to oppose what the kANAGA SYMBOL STANDS FOR which by my reading of the mythos assocaited with it by the tribes in previous posts, seems to suggest it stands for mans link to both the earth and God or earth and heaven.



    LOOks like the obomination was poured out over the desolated city (looks like it i said)
    No, its not 911 allover again.
    But its very creepy!




  6. The Kanaga sign is a religious symbol of the Dogon people of West Africa and worn by the male members as masks during the funerary dance rituals to satisfy the spirit of a dead person. The Kanaga sign stands for the primordial energy and acts as a mediator between earth and heaven. In Indus rock art this Kanaga sign is identified as Kadavul, the name for God in Tamil (S. Gurumurthy, 1999)

    So basically This sign denotes a god or mans way to god when the hands are up and used relgiously in ceremonies at a persons death in helping them go to god after a persons death.
    In that repsect it a symbol of man being on earth and always being linked to both the earth and god, in some respects it is sued like a christian cross -viewed as a symbol of man and how he lives dies and goes up to the sky to god after death- to the tribes that use it at least it is mystical like a talisan to enable them to enter into heaven.

    And the hands being up to heaven are pointing to a god in their relgion, i would bet if you showed obamas sign to these people they would consider it to be like an inverted cross, a kind of devil man earth kanaga.
    I cannot find any kanaga sign inverted like the one obama is wearing.

    i did find this though using devil kanaga as a search term
    it is about real black magic.


    In the course of researching a book about black magic and human sacrifice, I traveled to Brazil, Haiti, and New Orleans, interviewing people and actually witnessing ceremonies. In April 1991 when Mexican police discovered a group in Matamoras, Mexico, that were abducting and sacrificing human beings—headed by Adolfo Constanzo—I immediately flew down to Matamoras, and was able to interview 7 of the people who were responsible for the abductions and murders, 14 in all. Rarely, if ever, do these people, I knew, get caught, let alone with their alter still in tact. This was a unique opportunity to see up close and personal what human sacrifice was all about, and I jumped at the chance.

    When I first arrived at the Santa Elena Ranch, 22 miles from the border, I slowly walked the area, looking in the graves, seeing body parts and pieces of skin, studied the Kanaga, which was the center of Constanzo's alter, and as I stood there I could feel anger, as if a tropical fever, began to rise inside me. Anger that human beings were tortured and butchered in the name of Satan. Anger that there was no one to stop it. Not knowing, then, how else to express my rage, I urinated on the alter and on the Kanaga, as my way of disrespecting the ghastly things that had happened here.

    Constanzo, it turned out, made the human sacrifices to "protect," the Hernandez crime family out of Matamoras. They were responsible for huge shipments of narcotics coming into the states and were looking for help from the devil, which, for a price, Constanzo happily provided, though to do this, he said, he needed human beings for sacrifice, and that is how it all began.

    When, later that day, I went to interview Commandante Benitez Iyala, who had broke the case, I was stunned to learn that one of his men had seen me urinate on the alter. But, luckily, rather than him being angry at me, he thought what I did was great and gladly talked to me for hours, and arranged for me to interview some of the individuals who had been under Constanzo's control. And, too, he took me to the morgue in Matamoras (that was not refrigerated) where the bodies were being kept, so I could see for myself what had truly been done.

    Seeing those 14 corpses, mutilated and tortured beyond belief, hearts pulled out, genitals missing, hands and feet cut off, changed my life, and in the end, helped me deal with the incredible violence and sadism permeating the Night Stalker case. I have not yet written the book on Malevalent Occultism, but will. The story is still gestating inside me somewhere.

    Also from another site

    "The Kanaga mask is also used to protect the hunter from the revenge of the prey he killed."

    also many images of such symbols here

    Non exactly like obama's though with hands downward.